Koempul Restaurant


Get Ready for an unforgotten delicious authentic Indonesian dish

Welcome To The
Koempul Restaurant

We are an authentic Indonesian Restaurant established since 2020.
Our restaurant has a recommended menu that must be tried such as Padang Rendang Rice Wrap, Pempek, Bakmi and Chicken fried rice and Vegetarian menu.

Our Benefit

Indonesian chefs
who have experience
in star hotels in Indonesia


Fresh ingredient

reservation service

Our Services

Private Party

Invite excitement into your special moments with our Private Party services.
We are ready to cater to your special moments with our customized private party services, all prepared to make your private event unforgettable. From birthdays to small weddings, we create intimate and joyful party experiences.

Catering Services Bucket

Bring the sensation of a delicious meal to your event with our Buffet Catering Service.
With an Indonesian Menu that will entice the taste buds of all guests. With a beautiful layout and creative presentation, your event will be enhanced into an unforgettable culinary experience.

Catering Ricebox

Bring you the authentic taste of Indonesia in each of our catering rice boxes.
The menu is served in convenient packaging that makes it easy to enjoy on the go. We bring Indonesian delicacies to every rice box, ensuring that every guest feels the warmth and deliciousness of our cuisine.


Create moments of happiness and success with Tumpeng, a symbol of good luck and prosperity.
Our exquisite Tumpengs are expertly prepared, combining vibrant colors and a variety of flavors in one exquisite dish. A culinary work of art that not only captivates the eye but also the palate, making every celebration more meaningful.

A La Carte

Explore a variety of delicious flavors with our A la Carte service.
Choose from our diverse menu featuring delectable dishes from all over Indonesia. From tantalizing appetizers to bountiful main courses, each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Experience a culinary experience that indulges your taste buds in every bite.

Our Happy Customers


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